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Welcome to Officecare Australia

Officecare Australia is a privately owned and contract cleaning company.

We offer our clients cost – effective, high quality cleaning of their commercial, retail,
strata, secondary and tertiary education, shopping centre and industrial properties.

We can tailor a program to suit your establishment or needs.

Certified ISO 9001 and Systems in place Risk Management & Environmental Procedures.

Member of BSCAA

All our services we offer

  • Office care
  • Educational
  • Shopping Centre
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Strata and Caretaker
  • Medical Centre
  • Maintenance

Commercial Office Cleaning Parramatta

In order to make a good impression on customers and prospective clients it is very important to have a good first impression. Part of a good first impression comes from the look and feel of our office or commercial space. Believe us when we say that the first thing customers notice is how clean and organized your commercial establishment is. Only if they find it appealing to their eyes will they be ready to do business with you. With buildings getting higher and higher cleaning them requires professional help. Any business owner knows the importance of having the best cleaning service at their disposal as it is essential for the company’s wellbeing. We at Office Care understand this very well and thus were committed towards providing the best commercial cleaning in Paramatta.

How we clean

The scope of our work includes all general, internal, external and routine cleaning of floors internal walls, partition walls, ceilings, suspended ceilings, furniture, window, lighting, etc. we cover every nook and corner of the office and we use  variety of cleaning methods, equipment and chemicals for the whole process. The consumables that we usually use are paper towels, liquid soap, mops, detergent and glass cleaners. Our workers are highly skilled and are selected after a complete background check. They understand their job well and with their experience and expertise they can provide the best Office Cleaning in Parramatta.

Services we offer

Office Care is a reputed brand in Australia known for its commercial cleaning. We offer cleaning services of top notch quality. The services we provide are as follows:

  • Contract cleaning
  • School cleaning
  • Medical entre cleaning
  • Retail cleaning
  • Office strata cleaning
  • Shopping Centre cleaning
  • Hospitality cleaning

Reasons to choose Office Care

When you decide to choose Office Care you free yourself from the worries of a dirty office and the huge task of getting it cleaned. We possess all the characteristics that any business owner looks for in an office cleaning provider. Given below are a few reasons for all your requirements related to Office Cleaning in Parramatta:

  • Our years of experience in cleaning have taught us all the aspects of cleaning.
  • Our reputation precedes us as we always use the best quality products which will not cause any harm to your furniture or your staff
  • We have dealt with all kinds of floors in the past ranging from high end marble to wood.
  • We can create customized plans to suite your needs.
  • We work with a schedule that is convenient for our clients.

If you are looking for a cleaning service provider who can provide impeccable services and make your office look appealing to your customers then give us a call on  1300 793 249. If you need a free and no obligation quote then let our customer support staff know and they will be happy to help you. For further details and any other queries regarding our products and packages you can drop us a mail at

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