About us

About us

Officecare Australia covers all aspects of commercial, Strata, Office, Factory Cleaning. We have the right team for your cleaning needs.

Officecare Australia is a medium sized, with over 17 years of experience in the industry and fully trained staff.

We are experts in our field and can accomodate any need and within budget & on time.

Officecare Australia are able to offer best prices & quality services.

Our Mission

Officecare Australia – build our bright community and caring our nature.

Our Vision

Tailor our products and services to fit each clients’ needs. Enable our clients to make the best possible outcome!


We provide building maintenance services to our all customers for many years,
especially Painting and Flooring (timber, tile & vinyl) services. Our experience enables
the customer to receive tailored, cost effective service solutions that are designed to
minimize risk exposure and reduce costs.

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